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Use SEO to Help Manage Your Reputation Online

SEO improves your website’s ranking on search engine’s result pages. So, individuals and entities looking to do serious online promotion of their products and services opt for SEO services. However, there is another aspect to the SEO operations far away from only promotional objectives. This aspect is derived from the corollary to the generally accepted ‘promotional’ objective of SEO.  Now what is this corollary?

Reputation Management in Case of Adverse Online Publicity

The corollary is that search engines will improve the rankings of your website when it degrades the ranking of others for some particular set of keywords. Whereas the primary focus is on improvements in your ranks, there could be circumstances when you would be gaining much from pushing other sites down in ranks. These circumstances will arise when some adverse or negative publicity has been done for you on the internet and it is clearly showing up to the visitors. Without deliberating about the veracity and authenticity of the accusations, complaints, rip-off reports and other such negative ads against you, SEO service provider will use SEO to help manage your reputation online.

Two Ways

There are two ways in which reputation management can be done. In effect, these produce the same result but are different in content. One way could be to promote your answers to the adverse publicity so that the readers get to know both points of view and make their own judgment. To derive a more favorable opinion for your viewpoint, you must provide very solid and irrefutable evidences.  The other way is to provide no answers but simply use SEO Sydney services to push down the adverse online publication and consign it to oblivion.

The Best Option

A little bit of thought will enable you to understand that the latter is a far better approach. Why? This is because of the reason that if the former approach is used, it will also push the rank of negative publication down, but your own answers will still be carrying the imprints of it. So, you do not actually write answers for your benefit! On the contrary, you are yourself promoting this indication that something wrong been said, done or written against you! So, you do not do yourself much good using this approach.

However, in its place, it is desirable to write content which is neutral and is not seen as a deliberate attempt to salvage your lost reputation. It is the key feature of SEO services directed at doing reputation management and shall be handled very carefully.

Ethical Questions in Reputation Management

This practice is going to raise many eyebrows. The torch bearers of ethics will raise criticism if the adverse publicity is of benefit to public at large and derives from adverse court rulings. Well, if SEO services can be used to beat competition, why can’t it be used to beat negative publicity? By the same logic, the SEO services can also be used by the negative remark publisher to counter your efforts.

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