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Understanding SEO process

If you have a website, then the process of SEO gets an initiation from the first step. But, when you do not have a website, you need to develop one and might also wish to get its SEO done. In this condition, the website development company will need to understand your work niches and identify the main words which can describe your range of activities or products. Website development and SEO process will move hand in hand. Here are given the steps a SEO company usually follows:

  1. Finding the right keywords: For this purpose, the company carries out a website analysis. Or, if there is no website, it will gain information about business and do some market research for keywords for your type of work.
  2. Competitor Analysis: You would definitely like to rank ahead of your competitors. For this purpose, an analysis is also done of their website for keywords used, page-wise optimised content and other design features. This gives an indication of their key strengths and weakness which can help providing effective SEO services.
  3. In-page optimisation: It refers to optimisation efforts directed within the four walls of the website.  Using selected keywords in right numbers in the content pages and source code, size of page, title tags, descriptions, image alt tags, unique content, outbound links, internal link structure, navigation coding and anchor-text optimisation are some of the methods of getting indexed by search engines.
  4. Off-page optimisation: This refers to various activities like:
    1. Writing and distributing articles: The purpose of articles is to provide unique content of some value to the visitors. Reading the articles written by you, the visitors shall feel compelled to visit your site to know what you have got to offer. They shall gain this impression that if the article is so good then they can expect more on the website.
    2. Writing and Distributing Press Releases: Press Releases are normally used to introduce oneself or some new launch, briefly to the internet users.
    3. Directory submissions: This is another way of doing online marketing. You can submit your site URL in different directories or directory sections related with your work area.
    4. Blogging: Writing for blogs is done usually to share something idea, thought, opinion, review, updates and other things with the visitors to the blog and asking them to share their experiences and opinions. It is an informal way to bring about candid exchange of ideas.
    5. Social Bookmarking: Also called Web 2.0, social networking is a very good way of developing online communities sharing some commonalities and attracting the vast pool of its members to your site.

The purpose of all these activities done by any SEO company is to build crucial and quality linkages with the site. All of the above mentioned written content needs to be optimised using right keywords with appropriate distribution throughout the web page.

  1. Continuous analysis and tracking of the traffic: This is a very important step since it generates the inputs for the next round of SEO process. Analyzing the traffic will enable you to know, at the minimum, which keywords and links were used by people to come to your site.

The SEOcompany will carry out this seemingly arduous but rewarding task with professionalism and on a regular basis.

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