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Top Seo Firms Emphasise The Word Optimization

For those who have been wondering why has the word ‘optimization’ been used in the term ‘search engine optimization’ or SEO in short, the reason can be found in the likes and the dislikes of the search engines when it comes to the indexing and the ranking of the site on its results pages, called the SERPs. The word ‘optimization’ is mid way between maximisation and minimisation. Top SEO service providers know that it is neither the maximization of some of the important activities nor the minimisation which is liked by the search engines. What search engines like is the optimum level of quality SEO services.

So, where does this optimization need to be incorporated in the SEO process? The main areas where these optimal SEO services are required to be used are:

1. Inserting keywords in the web content: Whatever website content is being written, the same can be studded with the keywords in the right number. Though there are no restrictions or limitations imposed on the number of keywords to be used in the website content itself, there are definite limitations on usage of the number of keywords for the off-page written content. This is defined in terms of the keywords density, which refers to the number of keywords per 100 written words. It shall ideally be 1%, not more than that.

2. Inserting the right number of quality links: The providers of SEO services shall also make use of the right number of inbound links to the site from a particular off-page written content. For example, the articles and the Press Releases written for the SEO purposes, shall not have too less or too many links to the site. Too less will mean that the potential remains underutilized and too many would lead to spamming. While it may be true that generating as many inbound links as is possible might significantly increase the ranking of the site but these have to be well spread out and shall come from a number of the internet resources.

The top SEO Company will provide the SEO services which walks on a very thin line. By virtue of its experience, it is able to determine what type of SEO efforts are the optimal efforts and what are the ways in which these can be used judiciously. Search engines do punish the sites which do not adhere to the norms of the SEO. Trying to elicit maximum advantage by incorporating only keywords in the website content, or by doing too many submission for one IP address could lead to spamming and the submission directories could ban the same. The punishment meted out by the search engines could be particularly harsh since these could lead to banning of the site.

So, the best way out is to know the SEO rules, get to know the rules and policies of the different internet resources used for doing the SEO activities, play to its limits and then, reap the best of its results for the longest period of time.

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