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The value of SEO in Marketing Industry

Search engine optimisation is one of the many methods of internet marketing. Different people and organizations have differing opinions on the efficacy of this method when compared with the other methods. Some hold it to be the most effective of all, providing the best returns on investment. Some others hold it to be of lesser importance as a stand alone method of marketing.

SEO is a part of internet or web marketing which, in turn, is a part of the wider digital marketing domain. So, in terms of the scope of SEO, it is a part of the wider internet marketing domain which also includes marketing methods such as social media marketing, paid advertisement, affiliate marketing, email marketing and other similar methods. However, despite being only one part of the online marketing as such, SEO covers a large area of online marketing. It is also a method which makes use of that online medium which is used by millions of people in a day. This medium is of the search engines which have assumed a lot of important in the age of internet and are used by millions of people to find whatever they want. Even when the scope is limited, the importance of SEO method of marketing is due to it being more effective as it is based on delivering rankings of the websites on the result pages of search engines.

Most of the companies which provide the digital or online marketing services do provide the SEO services as well. For some of the companies, this is only a part of the whole marketing mix whereas some other companies make use of this method of promotion quite heavily. Every business has to get noticed among its target audience and SEO is one of the methods used to achieve this feat. Once the good rankings are achieved on search engines, these are there to stay for a long time to come and therefore, this method is considered to be very effective for long term business development.

Each of the web marketing methods has its own merits, its own target markets, own platforms and methods of delivering ad content. The unique and advantageous features of SEO make this quite important in its own right. Since it is the most commonly used method of internet marketing nowadays, the online marketing mix can not be considered to be complete without the use of this method.

Therefore, SEO is holds its own place in the marketing industry. In the sub-sector of the internet marketing, this method provides the best chances of gaining customers per unit of money spent on it. Many businesses vouch by the efficacy of this method, especially the ones which deal the online buying and selling of the products and services. There is no doubt that today internet marketing is not complete without SEO. It is a vital component of it despite the different levels of importance accorded to it by the different service providers.


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