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The Importance of Link popularity in SEO Services

The Search engines function with the help of the crawlers which make use of the links coming into the site to define its importance. There are different types of links which are there on a particular website. There are the internal links which link the internal pages of the website. Then there are the links coming in to the website from the outside resources. These could be paid or free. The free links could be the result of the off-page optimization activities conducted by the company or these can also be a part of the reciprocal link exchange program. In the paid links the other websites are paid for the links that they provide on their website to yours. Therefore, there are different ways of getting the links but the search engines do not just weigh the number of links to the website but also their quality. Link popularity connotes two essential meanings. One is popularizing the links from other internet resources which are being directed into website and the other relates to the emergence of the links from the quality web resources.
Link popularity is helpful in getting the best results from the SEO activities. It helps in transferring the high page rank juice of that web resource to your website. When link is coming from a content website which is having a high page rank, it transfers the benefit to your website. Increasing the link popularity can be done in many ways. To assume that since the links are coming from the quality site, of high PR value, does not require the popularizing drive to be conducted is a mistaken notion. By using the social media promotion methods or the social bookmarking or even by doing the RSS, you can help increase the traffic to that linking resource.
But, these methods are effective for the off-page linking web resources.
SEO services providers also generate links from other websites that are not the part of the normal SEO activities. This could be the result of link exchange programs which are quite normal in affiliate marketing and since the link popularizing drive can not be conducted for these types of links, it is better to make sure that the links come from sites having good PR and good traffic. Search engines do not normally take a good view of the paid links or participation in link exchange programs and can adversely impact the ranking. For this, the recommendation of putting the ‘No follow’ tag is usually advised on the linking resource.
Linking from high quality sites helps in the generation of high traffic to the site. This is the most fundamental benefit of these links, whatever may be their type. Contextual relevance of the linking sites also plays an important role in providing quality links. Therefore, the SEO services providers, while using this method of creating the inbound links have to consider the quality and relevance aspects of the links.

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