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Why Google Favors Keyword Wealthy Domain Names

Nov 22, 2011 Author admin

A number of companies providing the SEO services keep a check on the factors which are important for the ranking of the websites on the SERPs. The fact that the vast majority of visitors do not tread to the second page of SERPs highlights the importance of ranking on the first page. Hence, all the companies vie for that magical place. To meet this end, they would try to figure out what all is like...

Importance Of The Role Of Seo Consultant

Feb 19, 2011 Author admin

Businesses undertake marketing to increase their business by improving their visibility. These make use of the contemporary online methods as well as the traditional ones to inform the targeted market segment about their offerings with the ultimate objective of increasing the sale of their product. SEO, or search engine optimization, is one such internet marketing...

Understanding The Search Engine Behaviour Is Crucial For Effective Seo

Feb 5, 2011 Author admin

The behaviour of the search engines is unpredictable. This does not mean that their behaviour changes abruptly and to such an extent that the result page ranks of the websites are affected in an adverse way. If it were so, the efforts at the most potent tool of internet marketing, the search engine optimization, would have been rendered useless. The SEO would have been an highly unreliable tool of...