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Importance of Page Rank for Internet Search engine Optimization

Feb 8, 2011 Author admin

The Page Rank (PR) is a numerical value which is ascribed to a particular webpage by Google, the most used search engine of the world. This rank is one of the values from 0 to 10. The companies using the internet search engine optimization method of marketing do understand the relevance of the PR. For them the relevance of PR is two fold. One, the higher PR for the webpage is requ...

SEO Experts Help To Reduce Your Online Marketing Expenses

Dec 14, 2010 Author admin

The search engine optimization method of internet marketing is one of the many other ways to promote your website or blog on the internet. The businesses are making use of the internet marketing methods to improve their businesses— in reach, revenue generation and in profitability. But, marketing is only one aspect of a business and there some specific limited budgetary support ...