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Six key SEO tips to get higher ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing

There is a whole lot of literature available on the internet about the tips, suggestions and strategies for doing the SEO in the right way and getting on top of the SERPs. However, there are some common elements that can be easily drawn from these sources and these are workable on most of the search engines. Six of these SEO tips are the following:

1. Get the tags right: All the HTML tags in your website shall be well considered for the keywords as well as for the catchy written language. What will search engines look for in your site? Content is quite obviously the first thing that these will look into for the right keywords. This content could be in the source code or on the website. The HTML tags like the title, meta tags, heading tags (h1, h2, etc), all these shall be very carefully chosen for inserting the keywords appropriately. Similarly, the web content shall also feature the keywords.

2. Reduce page load for effective SEO: Do not get into a tendency where you overload your home page or the landing page with images or graphics. The page shall load easily, preferably within the two or three seconds. If it takes ages for your page to load, search engine crawlers do not keep waiting for it to load on.

3. Create smooth navigation links: There shall not be any problem with the navigation between the pages of the website. Wherever there are hyperlinks, these shall be functional. There shall not be any broken links or the ones which are likely to be skipped by the crawlers.

4. Do not underestimate the relevance of good keyword analysis: This is important that the keywords shall be selected with due care. While these shall be relevant to your site for the effective SEO practices, these shall also take care of the competition that these might have to encounter. More the competition, the more the resources that you will need to pool in and therefore, the more expensive it will get. So, if you have limited budget, then right keyword selection can actually contribute to your working within the budget.

5. Do submissions only in quality sites: While doing the off-page SEO activities, it is important that the submissions are done only on the important websites. This importance can be known by the Google SEO page rank of the site. The higher the page rank of the site, it means that in Google’s view, there is a higher importance of the site. Also, the work there on the high PR sites can be of a more permanent nature than the one done on the others.

6. Do not ignore the regional or local focus: Even while the SEO can take your business on a global scale, it will be equally good to work more in the region from where you are likely to get more queries. And, SEO can get a regional focus. This can be done by selecting the internet resources coming from those regions.

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