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SEO or SMO – A Pros & Cons analysis for Online Promotion

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimisation (SMO) are two of the most important methods which are currently the favourites of the internet marketers. While the SEO method is dependent on the search engines, the SMO method makes use of the social networks for meeting promotional objectives to be achieved by the internet marketers. Both the methods have their own set of benefits and limitations. If you are to select any one of these methods of internet marketing, you might find it a bit difficult to select any one. A good mix of both these approaches is what is done by the internet marketers based fundamentally on the nature of your business and the objectives of your business. Let us have a look at these methods and where exactly are these likely to be most effective?

Search Engine Optimization

Nature/Characteristics: It uses the search engine platform. It works by bringing up the ranking of your website on the result pages of the search engines for the keywords which are used by the people to find the products and services like your own. It is a method which is, in a way, a passive approach to marketing. You do your bit and then wait for things to happen.

Operation: Using the right keywords, the on-site and the off-site resources are optimised with content bearing them and then various link building activities are carried out as per the SEO rules.

Pros: The major advantage of the method lies in its widespread reach, on a global scale. It targets a more broad-based segment of the internet users. It is also a method more likely to yield greater returns per unit of the amount spent.

Cons: The main drawback is that this method gives the results later than sooner. It might take months for the results to come by. The greatest benefits are derived only by being on the first page of the SERPs and this might not be entirely possible to do for everyone. You drop off to the second page and the number of clicks received declines drastically. You need to be continually working for ensuring that you do not decline on the rankings.

Social Media Optimisation

Nature/Characteristics: It uses the social and professional networks. The business profile of the company is created on the social or professional page. By creating friends and followers or by the method of viral marketing, you aim to create a community of the people who are interested in your products or services or even the ideas.

Operation: You create a profile page and post your product photos, launch discussions, direct the visitors to the useful information links like the articles and even create the advertisement for your products on the profile page.

Pros: The main advantage of using this method is that it can give you a good break in the beginning. It targets the niche segment of the community networks. You can easily break the news about the new product launches, special offers and other offerings. This can yield quicker results and can provide a quick break for the business.

Cons: The main disadvantage is the rather limited target market which can be approached using this method. Actual buys could be less than expected. Returns on investment are not so good generally.

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