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SEO and SMO Work in Tandem

In the real world, man is considered to be a social animal because he constantly interacts with people. The same trait has been exploited on the virtual world of internet as well. Earlier, the internet user was only a passive ‘user’ of the webmaster services. But, the concept of social media changed it all. He became an active participant in the virtual world and used the platform to interact with others and share his ideas. Nowadays, there are a number of online platforms which offer you free or paid membership to be a part of their network or community. You are required to make profile of yourself which enables them know all about you. People have used these social meeting avenues for various purposes including the much talked about search engine optimisation based internet marketing. The SEO companiesuse these as promotional tools.

The underlying objective of the social media optimisation (SMO) is to generate more traffic to the site by making your profile more visible to the community members who make social media searches. These forums have millions of members worldwide and it becomes easy for the members to identify potential customers. The SMO involves promotion of social bookmarking, blogging and video blogging and developing RSS feeds. The SEO Sydney companies help create the profiles on these social networking sites using appropriate keywords and linking both ways between your site and profiles. Your site will tell the visitors what are the different networks of which you are a member and the links will take them to those networks where they can know about your personal and professional life.

Social bookmarks serve the same purpose as the normal bookmarks, which are used to indicate or reference the book page. Social bookmarks are used to reference the resources where the visitors can find more information on things that they are looking for. So, instead of downloading those resources, you simply direct the visitors to them. And, how to manage these referenced resources? Suppose, you want to share a lot of information provided on a number of other sites with the visitors, how can this be made possible? To achieve this, the SEO services providers use descriptions for each of the social bookmarks to enable the visitors to know what is contained therein. These descriptions can be written in text or be organised informally by way of tags. All along the written content, it is the keywords which rule the roost and shall be included in the descriptions or tags.

The SEO services seek to make the bookmarking and tagging effortless by ensuring that the relevant tags are used so that the visitors do not have to scramble here and there. The SEO services encourage making inbound links, ensure portability of content by making file is correct formats and promote the resources.

People usually refer to SMO and SEO services separately. In essence, these are based on the same principle and serve the same objective. Further, SEO services can work in tandem with SMO to increase traffic to the site.

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