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Purchasing Links hurts SEO Ranking

There is no love greater for SEO services providers than the love for achieving the top rankings for the sites of their clients. Search engines do not mind your putting in efforts in the right direction to meet this end. There are some rules of the search engine optimisation game which the search engines would like you to adhere to and if you play it wrong, then there are chances of receiving good amount of punishment for the same. Every SEO operator would love to develop the back links to the site from good quality, high page rank sites. However, some of them might tread to the wrong way and decide to purchase the links from the other sites for getting these back links. Some of the major problems which are associated with developing such types of links are:

  • Make payments: Well, you will have to make the payments of money to these sites to get these links. These act as link farms which the search engines watch out for very closely. These payments could be quite exorbitant at times, especially when there are thousands of links to be developed.
  • Temporary links: Most of these sites do not give you permanent links. It is a way of making money for them and they would certainly not like to give permanent links. Each of these sites gives these links from their resources only for a specific time period, after which these are removed, often without notice. Some of the less reputed sites might even remove these before the stipulated time period even after you make the payments for purchasing the links.
  • Management is not possible: If you have paid to get hundred odd links, you will have to keep checking periodically whether these are still there or not. This is not easy to check since this is done manually most of the time. So, keeping a check on these is not practically possible. And, there is nothing much that you can do if the other site removes the link for which you have paid them.
  • Non-contextual links: Often you would find that the site which are providing the links for money are not relevant or related in any significant way to your theme of the site. Therefore, you may not get contextual links from these sites which are highly valued.
  • Fear of Punishment: another reason why purchasing the links might be a wrong strategy to work on is that the search engines might be able to find this game eventually. And, the day and the moment that happens, you can expect to get severe punishment from search engines by way of getting removed from SERPs altogether or by being banned. All the time and money devoted by the SEO services provider might go down the drain.

It might take more effort to get the links in the right way but it worth treading a longer but correct path for sure success rather than taking the high risk shortcuts in SEO.

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