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Points To Keep In Consideration By The Search Engine Optimization Sydney Company For Developing Rss Feeds

Really Simple Syndicate (RSS) is often the most overlooked part of the SEO. It can contribute a great deal to the SEO efforts by enabling a greater traffic inflow to the website. The SEO Sydney Company works to provide the most recently updated content from the website to the subscribers. The same file can also be submitted to the RSS submission directories to facilitate the generation of a good volume of traffic. It is very important for the RSS feeds to be created in the right way by the web optimisation Sydney Company.

  1. The RSS feeds are normally created in the XML. It can also be in the PHP, ASP or Java Script, but java script is not advised for the RSS creation since it is not liked by the search engines.
  2. The RSS feeds are case sensitive. All the fields required to be mentioned there in have to be in the right case of alphabets. Any miss between the capital and the small letters and the result could be a failure. Therefore, the XML language shall be written with the exactly correct case.
  3. There are two dates which are required to be mentioned by the search engine optimization Sydney. lastBuildDate and the pubDate are the two dates which refer to the last date when you first defined the website or modified it and the date of publication respectively. The former shall not come after the latter.
  4. The date and time entries of the must conform to the set standards. The RFC 822 specifications are the ones which shall be adhered to while entering the dates and the times of the last modified ones. The year shall always be a four digit one. The publishers are also not required to provide the comments or give more than one space between the components.
  5. There is also required to be a need of a global unique identifier (GUID). Any string can be used to define the exclusivity or uniqueness of an item.
  6. It is not advised to use the item tags to define a channel. All the item elements shall be appearing after all the other elements in the channel.
  7. The URLs must begin with a scheme defined by the IANA Registry of URL Schemes.

Similarly there are a number of things which have to be considered by search engine optimization Sydney experts for the development of the RSS feeds. There are set and strict protocols of the language which have to be adhered to for this purpose. While creating the RSS feeds, it is important that the feeds are categorised and segmented in a relevant and meaningful way. There shall not be over sub-categorisation which will render it meaningless and at the same time, it shall not be one RSS feed which is sending out all sort of information to the subscribers irrespective of the fact whether they want it or not.

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