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Link wheels: Effective Seo Link Building Technique

SEO service providers seek to develop as many back links to the site as are possible. The art of devising the link structure which gives the maximum weight to the site by building the quality links is called the link wheel. It is a way to inter-link the different internet resources to build up robust links structure around the site.

SEO Sydney providers usually develop the direct links to the site from each of the web resource. These direct links are valuable but in the absence of interconnections and secondary or tertiary level links hierarchies with suitable interconnectivities, it becomes difficult to maintain the robustness of the links structure. There are numerous ways in which the link wheels can be developed depending on the nature of the SEO services to be provided.

Link wheels make use of the web 2.0 properties in a major way. It also makes use of other off-page web resources in the creation of the linked structures. A link wheel might be using the blogs, Squidoo, Hub Pages, articles directories and some other resources which could be a good way of giving the weight to the links to each of the resources. The number of direct links to the site might decrease but the weight and popularity of each of the resource might increase many folds. This will give more strength to the links that are directed to the site. The main advantage of this strength is that the ranking of the website can not only be increased but also be retained at the top position for a long time to come.

Since creating different types of link wheels might be a time consuming process and conscious efforts are required to do interconnections, most of the SEO Sydney providers are not much bothered to devise the strategy of link wheel building and go ahead with direct singular site links only. In link-wheel, there could be a limited number of direct links to the site but the links to each of the primary and secondary resources could be many times more. There is one more reason why the SEO service providers are reluctant to build the more complex and robust link wheels. This is due to the fact that this requires a lot of original content to be written and this might prove to be too expensive a proposition to undertake.

SEO Sydney providers also need to make sure that when they are using the simpler link wheels, the patterns or structure of these shall not be too predictable for the search engines. This helps in better and faster indexing and also in high ranking of the site. Another important factor to be considered is the use of the keywords and their contextual linking to the other resources. Also, the preference is given to the use of high page rank web resources for this purpose.

There are different ways in which these can be created and SEO Sydney providers develop these optimally based on their experimentation and research efforts.

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