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Keyword research is the back bone of SEO services

It is a normal belief of the internet marketers that the more traffic on your site will bring more business opportunities. So, the SEO is based totally on the nature of your business- call it, the niche of your business- in marketing language. SEO operators know that keyword research is the first important step but it is even more important to know the nature of business before going into the keyword research. Otherwise, the target audience will be missed and the whole money will go down the drain. It will take some meetings, online or otherwise, for the expert SEO Company Sydney to know what type of business you are in and what are the keywords which best describe it. After knowing your work area, the SEO game begins.

Since Google is the most widely used search engine and also features some of the most interesting and advanced features like Adwords and Analytics, most of the SEO services companies focus on using its keyword research tools which are free of cost. Here is how we can make good keyword research using these tools:

  1. Create an excel sheet where you write all the keywords which best describe the work domain of the client. This shall not be limited to what the client is doing currently but shall also take in its consideration, the future plans and potential to do other things as well. These shall be mentioned in the website as well.
  2. Take keywords one by one and using the Google keyword research tools, you can find other similar keywords. You will get a table detailing the keywords, monthly searches based on these, conversion rates and other data. The table essentially shows how many visitors have used that keyword to search on that search engine, in this case, Google. You can export this data on your Excel sheet.
  3. Sorting out the relevant keywords from the worksheet is the next step. There might be some keywords which do not relate with your work at all. So, you can delete those. Further, it is important that the high number of searches done using generic keywords are not considered. Since this will bring non-serious people on the site.
  4. Once the list is sorted out, follow the same procedure for other keywords which you have selected as describing your business in the best way. So, you have different sheets created for each of the main keywords selected originally.
  5. After doing this, SEO Company Sydney need to find out how many sites, just like you own, are using the same keywords for promoting their business or work. So, you need to put keywords one by one into the Google search and the result page will tell how many sites are using the same.
  6. If yours is a specialised product being promoted on the website, then you require very select and serious people to come to your site. So, ideally, you shall select that keyword where there is less competition.

In this way SEO company Sydney can limit its research to about 10-15 keywords for a small site and there is no upper limit in case the site is big.

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