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Importance of Page Rank for Internet Search engine Optimization

The Page Rank (PR) is a numerical value which is ascribed to a particular webpage by Google, the most used search engine of the world. This rank is one of the values from 0 to 10. The companies using the internet search engine optimization method of marketing do understand the relevance of the PR. For them the relevance of PR is two fold. One, the higher PR for the webpage is required to be built up and, secondly, the off-page optimization activities for the webpage are required to be done on the sites with higher PR for better benefits and good quality work.

So, how to build up the PR of a website? The PR of a site is dependant on factors like:
1. External in bound links
2. Internal links
3. On-page criteria
4. Criteria of the web page from which the links are being done
As can be seen, it is the quality of the linking activity which determines the page rank of a website not just the number of inbound links.

The number of internal links and their structure plays an important role in determining the PR of a site. It has been observed that the different pages of the website have different PRs. Usually, the home page has the highest PR. It has also been observed that as the home page is connected in a vertical link structure with the pages of subsequent lesser page ranks, the page ranks of the deep links do not improve. The secondary or tertiary linkages developed by company SEO experts are not worth counting in the search engine calculations. The reason most commonly advanced by SEO experts for the lower PRs of the deep links of the site is due to the lesser number of links as well as lesser quality linkages with higher PR webpages.

To improve the internal linking of the site by the internet search engine optimization company, it is desired that the secondary level page shall connect with each other and the tertiary level ones shall connect within their relevant domains as well as with the upper level secondary pages. Then, direct linking with the deep links as per their topical relevance shall also be done, irrespective of the levels.

The external links are perhaps the most important influence on the PR. Although it is not clear the extent to which the rankings of a site are influenced by the PR, it is, nevertheless, a fact that the higher PR does help in achieving better rankings in the SERPs. Herein, it becomes important that the company SEO operations are carried out keeping mind that the links of the good PR sites are coming on the relevant targeted pages of the website. Quality becomes the foremost consideration of the linking plan to develop higher PR.

The page-based criteria are essentially related to the source code parameters like the different types of tags like the title tags, the meta tags and other codings.

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