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How to be Awesome on Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the newest entrants in the field of Social Networking. The fact that it belongs to the family of social networking websites might give you an impression that it might be a steady mix of websites like Facebook or Orkut, as are most other websites. This fact is far from true.

Pinterest is a unique social networking website characterized by a pin-board where users can upload pictures of their interest. If you go by the numbers, you will know how popular this website is becoming. It has seen a steady growth of 4000% in terms of traffic! That’s a whooping number for any website and is a sign of the popularity this new social network enjoys. With hordes of people browsing through this website and spending a lot of time, it is your chance to come under the eyes of all your friends of the opposite sex to make an impression. Well, we’ll tell you how to be awesome on Pinterest by following some uber-cool steps!

  1. Use the Wisestamp service to get more followers on Pinterest. You can do this by using this cool app to leave a message of ‘Follow me on Pinterest’ right after your email signature in your emails. The ‘Follow Me’ button is a suave one, designed in red color. It is bound to get clicks after clicks!
  2. An iPhone user’s delight! – You can use Pinterest using the Pinterest app specially designed for the iPhone. You can take pictures and upload them on your pin-board. Though there’s no app as such for Android users, they can visit the website using the HTML version. However, the HTML version lacks the ‘upload’ feature, thereby enabling only surfing. Also, this app automatically adds the ‘Pin to Pinterest’ button on all your images you’ve taken using the iPhone.
  3. Check your Star rating! Well, everyone likes to hear well about their own self. It is a matter of pride to see you in the good books of others. There’s an app which will exactly do the job for you, by telling you how popular you are on this social networking website. With ‘Pinclout’, you can login and determine your score on Pinterest. This app will integrate all your pins and re-pins, the number of followers you have, the number of likes you get on your pins and the number of friends. Accordingly, it will calculate a score and let you know how popular you are. Whether you rule or not!
  4. An alternative app to the one mentioned above is the ‘Pinpuff’. This app doesn’t require you to login. All you have to do is simply enter your login details and this app will have the score calculated immediately for you!

Just make sure that you use Pinterest for the purpose it is meant for. Do not confuse it with other websites like Facebook or Orkut and start posting pictures of you and your friends! Well, post something interesting… something which people will relish the moment they look at it!

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