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Google Panda Update: Its Impacts and How to Remain Safe in Rankings

If one looks at the sequence of the events unfolding at Google and coming forth as updates from the beginning of the year, the SEO services providers can surely assume that Google is determined not to allow inferior content make any headway in the SERPs ranks. First was the launch of Google Instant which enabled the users to make better searches in lesser times. Thereafter, the content farms, some of which were really popular, were hit for inferior content. When the ones which allowed the so called unique content to be published were also punished, it was pointed by the Google that uniqueness is no longer the sufficient criteria and that the focus shall be on creating well researched and thought provoking content. Thereafter, it unveiled the +1 metrics, asking users to publicly designate the web resources to be carrying useful stuff by clicking on the +1 button.

As if the hit at the content farms was not sufficient, it has now come out with another and more far reaching update in the form of the now famous Panda update. In a nutshell, this update is all about creativity and user experience. SEO services pay a good attention to the stuffing of keywords at the right places and in right number in a piece of unique content. However, with the Panda update, the user experience will take precedence in judging the importance of the site. So, if the users find some website more creatively done and to their liking, or the presentation of the website is a lot more appealing and creative, then that website will gain precedence in the SERPs ranks.

With user experience gaining importance, it will be far more important to apply creative minds in the way things are presented on the websites. This means that the strategy of web design will gain importance over the need for SEO. This also means that if the users are made to run here and there on the site leaving a poor experience, the rank of the site will take a dip. Social media is expected to be a bigger role. The more the likes a website will generate or more friends that it will make, the more will be the improvement in the ranks. Recommendations and viral marketing could generate vast improvements in ranks.

The update will require the SEO services providers to make the web presence more creative and interesting for the user. The elements of graphic design, logical structuring and organization of the quality content, easy navigation and optimal layouts of the web design which gives a good user experience is likely to show up better in the SERPs ranks. Analytics already have the metrics of showing the number of unique as well as returning visitors. Higher number of returning visitors to the site could now be as important as the new ones since these will indicate that the site is capable of attracting the visitors to it. So, the golden mantra is to create a website keeping user experience in mind and not the SEO.

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