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Google Does Some Keywords Harvest Of Content Farms, Brings Down The Standing Crops Of Ranks

SEO service providers unanimously acknowledge that content is king in SEO. Most of the off-page activities done in search engine optimization process make major use of content. The basic requirement of writing the content for these off-page resources was essentially that the content shall be unique and not a copy-paste job and at the same time it shall make use of the keywords in appropriate numbers and places. There are tools to determine whether your piece of writing has been copied from others or is unique. ‘Unique’ was the watchword emphasized time and again.

SEO companies, the smart internet marketers that they are, did gave the uniqueness to the content but after considerable borrowing of the ideas from the internet resources and writing a new content using the same. That met the requirement of SEO and pleased the search engines, even while the people looking for genuine content found the same thing repeated time and again on different result pages, albeit in different styles of writing. The poor fellow who provided the original content was pushed down in the ranks while the tweakers saw their rakings soar.

Google has taken a very serious note of this and come to the aid of the searcher who wants to see the original content come up when he searches for something. At the receiving end of this change have been some of the major content farms whose facilities have been subjected to indiscriminate flooding of content of low quality. Google says that it would now prefer ‘original’, ‘thoughtful’ and ‘well researched’ content in addition to ‘unique’ one. Anything that will meet these criteria is likely to get a higher rank prize. The onus is again on the websites that accumulate or accept the content to reorient their guidelines in such a way that the new parameters of evaluation are met. Quite naturally, the SEO services providers will have to re-look at how their content is being developed.

This is likely to cause some major shake ups in the content teams of the SEO companies. Expert writers on niche subjects are more likely to be sought. They would be required to apply their mind before writing anything. The orientation of writing is going to be more focused on quality and this will make SEO copywriting more expensive than was previously the case. SEO providers will have to devise the innovative and more credible methods of link building without compromising on the quality of the works. It is no longer a copy-paste issue of the content but an issue concerning what type of content is being provided.

Google says that it has experimented extensively with the new changes that it has effected and the results have been very encouraging. No one knows for sure what will exactly need to be done to make SEO process more meaningful in the light of current changes. There are many theories around and research is underway to determine what could be the new likes of Google.

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