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Drive Traffic to your Blog using Social Networking Systems

If you have a Blog then you must have thought of increasing the visitors count to it many a number of times. You can tell your friends about your site but there are limitations for this kind of traffic. But using Social media networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc are the best options that you can opt for increasing the traffic. Social Networking and Blogging fit very well together. Both Blog and Social Networks help you establish you a solid reputation as a professional in your field.

Here are the best strategies to increase the traffic in your blog.

1. Start a Facebook Group.

Start a Facebook Group and add friends to this group or a fan page. You can have polls, contests, share videos and interact with group members in a dynamic way. Thereby through these members you can spread details of your blog to other members too and invite them to your blog.

2. Use the Followers List

You may have a list of the keywords that are used for marketing purposes and of course the expanding list of email addresses that you cannot do business online without. Similar to this is the friends and follower’s list. Success through social networking is all about reaching out to as many people as possible. The more of the friends and followers you have then more is the traffic you have then.

3. Promote the Blog.

Everything that you do in Social networking may be for the sole benefit of increasing the traffic. But no one else should know that. Try to make your blog active by announcing a guest blogger often, have chats with members in regard of the topics you are dealing with. This helps a lot in increasing your blog traffic a lot by keeping the blog lively and active throughout.

4. Know you competitors

Search for groups or pages in social networks regarding other competitors’ blogs to know more on those. Find these competitors and be their friends. Participate in their conversations and you will be noticed by their fans, friends and followers which will bring you further exposure.

5. Cross promote all of your Social networking pages.

From time to time find casual ways to cross promote your social media sites including your blog. Make sure that there are links on all your profiles to other social networking sites you have started.

6. Content is the king.

Always keep in mind of the fact that the content that you have in your blog is the main reason which attracts people to your website through catchy headlines or posts or even photographs from your social media accounts to your blog.

7. Keep an updated and attractive Profile

It is from your online profile that others get to know about you. Work on your profile, add a logo and make it interesting and informative and this in turn attracts or brings in more visitors to your blog for sure.

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