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Building a website with Search engine optimisation in your mind

When people get to design a website in the present day, they do not want to develop only an attractive website. Rather, they would like to develop a site which is amenable to being marketed through the internet media. They would like the site to be search engine friendly so that the search engine optimisation can be done effectively. Since SEO requires the site to have some key elements for being amenable to the SEO process to achieve the maximum effect, it is better to pay due attention to theses points while developing a site.

There are two key areas where one needs to focus on while developing the site. One is that of the coding and scripting of the web pages to incorporate the various design and functional aspects of the site. The other one is that of the content which is written on the web pages. The former refers to the source code optimization which means that the coding and scripting to be incorporated on the web page has to be such that it is friendly to the search engines. The latter

The first important factor is that of the page load time. The webpage shall open up fully within 2-3 seconds. If it is taking more time, then the search engine crawlers may not read the site and the links. Now, what would you need to do to reduce the page load time? It is recommended that the flash animations shall be excluded, the pictures to be used shall be of less resolution, too many pictures or videos shall not be used on a single page and even heavy programming languages requiring lengthy codes to be written such as java shall also not be used. If the heavy programming is required, it shall be moved out of the web page to the other files. For this reason, you would find that most of the present day sites are being made using the HTML, CSS, PHP languages and MySql RDBMS which does not make the web page heavy.

Now, you will have to get the search engine crawlers to find your site. The main ways in which this is achieved is by making use of main keywords in the title tags, meta-tags, header tags and also in the image alt tags. Even the keyword based domain name can be chosen and the URLs of each page can also incorporate the main keywords. While mentioning about the URLs, it is important that the URLs shall be static in nature, not dynamic. If there are dynamic URLs, appropriate coding shall be done to make these static. SEO services providers favor the static URLs since these produce more stable ranks and results.

Another major consideration while designing an SEO-friendly website is the incorporation of keywords on the content of the webpage which is displayed to the visitors. The webpage which is to be promoted on certain keywords shall also incorporate the same in its content.

It shall also be ensured by the SEO services providers that the navigation links of the site are not broken since these are counted as a negative point.


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