Tracking & Reporting

All the efforts of online marketing can not be successfully implemented if there is no metrics or data to find where are we headed. The efforts can go awfully wrong if the proper analytical tools are not used and the right analytics codes are not placed in the website to track the online treading behavior of the visitors to the site.

The incorporation of the analytics codes on the website gives the following advantages:

  • Makes the task of administrators and marketers easier to develop the right marketing strategies.
  • Enables the marketer to know the direction where the campaigns are headed and whether that is the right direction.
  • Know the sources from which the visitors are coming to the site. These sources could be the geographical regions, browsers, search or display networks, from paid or organic sources and others.
  • To determine what all areas need improvement and carry out the same.

So, these metrics throw up a lot of data which can be used for fine-tuning of the marketing campaigns which can achieve better conversion rates. SEO Company Sydney makes expert judgments of what the data is reflecting and what needs to be done to improve the marketing efforts further.

We also provide regular reports to the clients. It is always our endeavor to keep the clients informed of not just our successes and achievements but also of our failures and explaining the reasons for the same with suggestions on the further improvements. Maintaining clarity of communication and providing top class customer services have always been out top priority.